HTML to CSS to Responsive Web Design

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    Scott & Jans: An Intro

    Scott. Jans. Lovecraft. An outline.

    Web Development: The Absolute Basics

    History. Browsers. Rendering engines. Simple webpages. Elements, attributes, & values. DTDs. Character encoding. Simple webpages, corrected. Comments. Editing tools. Templates.

    Bonus: Installing, Configuring, & Using Brackets

    Installation. How it works. First extensions. Brackets as debugging tool. Configuration. Other extensions.

    HTML Overview: Elements, Attributes, Entities

    Categorizing HTML elements. Basic document structure. Metadata. Global attributes. Lines & paragraphs. Outlines & sections. Grouping. CSS hooks. Lists. Quotations. Text semantics. Text formatting. Links. Multimedia. Tables. Forms. Frames. Scripting. Foreign characters. Obnoxious & obsolete. Character entities. IE, bringing up the rear. Tools.

    Bonus: Markdown

    Background. Basic syntax. Process. MultiMarkdown. PHP Markdown Extra. Sundown. Pandoc. Testing. Software. Integrating.

    It’s Boxes All the Way Down!: Elements & Their Relationships

    Parents & children. Ancestors & descendants. Grandparents. Siblings. Boxes. Block. Inline.

    CSS Overview: Selectors, Integration, Inheritance, Cascading

    History. Why CSS? DOM. Basic Selectors. Universal. Type. Class. ID. Grouping. Descendant Combinator. Formatting. <span> & <div>. Integrating CSS. Inheritance. Importance. Specificity. Order. The Cascade. Tools.

    CSS Building Blocks: Selectors

    Numbers. Key Selectors. Basic Selectors. Combinators. Pseudo-Elements. <string>. Pseudo-Classes. Attributes. Compound. Parents?

    CSS Data Types

    Defined. Images. Text. Wide Usage. Media Queries. Animations & Transformation. Future.

    CSS Typography: Fonts & Formatting

    Types. Measure. Leading. Scale. Operating system defaults. Web browser defaults. Core Fonts for the Web. ClearType Font Collection. Font properties. Font stacks. Text properties. Line box properties. Multi-column layout. Generated content. Font formats. @font-face. Licensing.

    Tables & Lists: Organized Data

    Basic tables. Defining sets of rows. Table title. Styling tables. Columns. Sortable columns. Creating tables the easy way. Styling lists.

    CSS Layout: Boxes, Displays, & Positioning

    Layout modes. Positioning. Normal flow. Out of normal flow. float & clear. position. z-index. Box model. Padding. Border. Margin. box-sizing. width & height. overflow. display. visibility. Opacity. Flexbox. Grid.

    Decorating with CSS: Cool Ways to Make Things Pretty

    Background images. Background layers. Linear gradients. Radial gradients. border-image. border-radius. box-shadow. transform. Creating shapes.

    Media-Specific Styles: Same HTML, Different CSS

    Media types. Media-specific rule sets. Common print styles. Print CSS. Media queries.

    CSS Animation: Visual Change Over Time

    <shape>. <time>. <timing-function>. <angle>. transition. animation. @keyframes.


    Daily use. How forms work. Labels, fields, & controls. Form attributes. Form containers. Text controls. Choice controls. File select controls. Submission controls. Accessibility. Tips & caveats.

    Fixed to Fluid to Responsive: Grids in Design

    Grids in design. 960. Unsemantic. Foundation. Bootstrap. Fixed layouts. Fluid layouts. Responsive layouts.

    Bootstrap: A Quick Introduction

    Installation. Using Bootstrap. Template. Grid system.

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