Technology for Non-Technical Managers

Information about Technology for Non-Technical Managers, a one-week intensive course.

Technology & the Law

Technology & the Law, a course team-taught with Denise Lieberman, Esq.

Website Design & Development

Information about Website Design and Development, a 2-semester course (Basic in the Fall; Advanced in the Spring).

Using Everyday Technology

Get a handle on key technologies that are useful in business, the home, & life.

Social Software: Building Community in a Virtual Environment

Information about Social Software: Building Community in a Virtual Environment, now mostly offered online.

Effective Website Management

Information about Effective Website Management, a non-technical course in planning & managing web sites.

Practical Security: Protecting Yourself Online

Information about Practical Security.

Technology in Our Changing Society

Information about Technology in Our Changing Society.

Literary Representations of Hell

Information about Literary Representations of Hell.